Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Surefire Backlinks Blueprint(Videos Backlink Training)
 Finally, An Easy To Understand A Backlink Blueprint That Gains #1 Position 
on Google's FrontPage + Other Search Engines...

It’s Not Hard To Get Confused Trying to Build Thousands and 1000's of Low Quality Backlinks.  Unfortunately, We’ve Lose To Much Time And Have Made Far To Many Mistakes... But You Don’t Have To.

Did you know that if you are ranked #1 on Google, then you are getting the majority of the traffic for that keyword?

But if you are ranked #2 for that same keyword, then you get 40% less website traffic and it keeps less for each position 3,4,6,7,8,9,10 etc..?

It's a fact that if you aren't ranked within the top 3, you won't get hardly any traffic from Google or any of the other search engines.

So if you don't understand what Google is looking for, you won't know how to rank your site

higher into the search engines.

Then how do you get rank high up in the search engines?

Well the best way is by Getting Backlinks that point from another website to your website. This will give you large brownie points in the eye's Google's.  You ask, how so?  

Quality backlinks over a Quantity of backlinks is King when it comes to search engine ranking.

Well, in the eyes of a Search Engine's, if Search Engine's see people linking to you, they see you as a popular website.  However if the quality of the person linking to you are not so good, then it does not matter if you have 20,000 low quality backlinks pointing to you. You are just another dime a dozen website.

One could try to say otherwise but in terms of long term results, the statement above holds true.  So the theme of this blueprint is quality quality quality backlinks get you top position and top website traffic. 

Get that into your mindset right now. 

If you are looking to 
see how we do this 
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